Central Puget Sound Comparison

From the shores of Washington’s Gold Coast to West Seattle’s Alki Beach to the Yakima Canyon River and the beautiful San Juan’s, our brand artfully unites extraordinary properties with extraordinary lives around the Sound and beyond.

Each waterfront market is as unique as the buyers that seek its privileged lifestyle, so keen information and expert representation are paramount. There is a reason why waterfront is the leading lifestyle search on our website (and why 45-percent of our online visitation originates from outside the US) – savvy consumers know that to enjoy the best of the Pacific Northwest you need to just add water.

King County Waterfront Homes for Sale in September 2015: 235 properties
Down 2.5% 
compared to last month
Down 30.9% compared to last year

King County Waterfront Homes Closed in September 2015: 50 properties
Down 32.1%
 compared to last month
Down 16.7% compared to last year

King County Waterfront Homes Pending in September 2015: 63 properties
Down 27.5%
 compared to last month
Down 3.3% compared to last year


While living anywhere along Lake Washington would be a prized lifestyle, the most coveted shoreline remains the waterfront communities of West Bellevue, Medina, Hunts Point, Kirkland, Juanita, Beau Arts, Enatai, Newport Shores and the north end of Mercer Island. These sought after neighborhoods offer close proximity to job centers, access to preferred public and private schools and are comprise the most valuable residential real estate in the Pacific Northwest.

As an aggregated set, the summer of 2015 was very consistent with 2014 with average home sales just over $4 million.  The past two years, however, marked a significant increase over the same period in 2013 as the market recovered and demand expanded. However, the average price per square foot fell from $960 in summer 2014 to $854 in 2015.  That’s not to say that values have dropped because they haven’t, rather fewer homes sold in the most expensive markets of West Bellevue where more listings led to increased days on market.  Waterfront on the north end of Mercer Island and South Bellevue saw the greatest increases in home sales year-over-year as savvy buyers explored new alternatives to the pricier West Bellevue market, which continues to set new records in average sales pricing at $5,649,804.   Likewise, South Bellevue and Juanita waterfront also experienced a significant year-over-year value increase, albeit on fewer trades.